Supported Tree Planting Projects

We're passionate about our environment and eager to make positive change. That's why even if our team can't help plant we've Supported Tree Planting Projects with funds or resources.

Our tree planting projects range from as big as 2 hectares to as small as a handful of trees. The aim is that all our projects create lasting, positive change that will benefit the public & community. We have a strict policy on which projects we will and will not assist with.

When we first decided to start helping our environment we had grand ideas, such as, ‘Save the Amazon Rainforest!’. However, we soon realised that this wasn’t possible & as a result we agreed to start at home, in Suffolk. So far, we have 29 tree planting projects in Suffolk and we’ve planted over 6,000 trees in places, such as, Leavenheath in the South of Suffolk to further North in Westhall.

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Tree Planting with the Suffolk Tree Warden Network

Tree Warden Network

Last year we provided the Suffolk Tree Warden Network with 10,000 biodegradable mats and 46,000 bamboo pegs. These mats will be used to help either trees provided by the Woodland Trust or are grown by the Tree Wardens themselves. We are working together to try and eliminate as much plastic as possible from our environment.


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Tree Planting in Great Livermere

Great Livermere

Three trees have been planted in Great Livermere; an Oak, a Hornbeam and a Field Maple. These are replacing two trees that fell down in a patch of ancient woodland in the village. We hope that by planting new trees as the older ones reach the end of their lifespan we can keep this area of woodland thriving for many years to come.

Tree Planting at Burgh House Farm

Burgh House Farm | Burgh

In Burgh, we’ve re-wilded an agricultural field by planting over 200 trees to create an eco-friendly zone. What was once a large agricultural field is now being filled with wildlife corridors, natural springs and saplings.

Tree Planting at Leaven Hall

Leaven Hall | Leavenheath

We’ve given new life to the old horse paddocks at Leaven Hall. This is as part of an ongoing project to create a green space away from the stresses of life. With bee hives and wild flowers in the future for this site soon it will be a perfect getaway.

See how we gave this old horse paddock new life!
Tree Planting at Oaks Meadow

Oaks Meadow | Combs

We’re pleased to be helping with the Oaks Meadow project by providing trees for their orchard. The aim is for the local community to have a place to grow, maintain and care for not only the trees, but also themselves. Other similar projects around the country have shown how spaces like this bring people together and forge a community spirit.

Tree Planting in Hintlesham Community Woodland

Hintlesham Community Woodland

During the winter, volunteers go to this woodland to help grow their community green space. We hope our trees will help to reduce noise pollution and create a peaceful spot within the woods to enjoy. We’ve provided a mixture of native trees such as:

  • Hawthorn & Blackthorn
  • Cherry & Crab apple
  • Hazel & Oak
  • Birch & Alder
Tree Planting in Halesworth


Halesworth has bold ambition to make their town green. Work is underway to fulfil this promise and we are happy to get involved. After public consultation on several small green areas within the town, local people have had their voices heard and chosen which types of trees and flowers they would like to see in their green spaces. We will be providing the trees to be planted by residents throughout the town.