Our Tree Planting Projects

We're passionate about our environment and eager to make positive change. That's why our tree planting projects are exclusively in Suffolk which means our team can get on site as much as possible.

Our tree planting projects range from as big as 2 hectares to as small as a handful of trees. The aim is that all our projects create lasting, positive change that will benefit the public & community. We have a strict policy on which projects we will and will not assist with.

When we first decided to start helping our environment we had grand ideas, such as, ‘Save the Amazon Rainforest!’. However, we soon realised that this wasn’t possible & as a result we agreed to start at home, in Suffolk. So far, we have 29 tree planting projects in Suffolk and we’ve planted over 6,000 trees in places, such as, Leavenheath in the South of Suffolk to further North in Westhall.

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Man and boy tree planting in Sweffling

Yew Tree Farm | Sweffling

Yew Tree Farm was our first tree planting project in 2021 and over 30 of the Sicon team were able to attend. The 1 hectare plot was a time expired Poplar plantation and the land owners were keen to re-wild with almost 400 trees. This will create a natural woodland area alongside the banks of the River Alde. Alongside this, we were also able to plant on the Bruisyard Village Hall green so local residents can enjoy the new trees.

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Tree Planting at West Peace 2

West Peace | Great Glemham

West Peace field, once a heavily ploughed and cropped field is now being restored back to nature. It will be used as a space for reconnecting with nature, growing small batches of food and learning.

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Tree Planting in Westhall


Westhall has the luxury of lots of open space for its residents so we’ve added trees to create a more sustainable cycle. In addition, we are creating an orchard in the unused allotment space. Our hope is that this will be used by the community for many years to come.

Tree Planting in Bucklesham


Bucklesham has a large, open playing field and the parish council want to grow a winding woodland pathway. This will make the area more sheltered as well as creating a beautiful route to stroll along once the trees are fully grown.

Tree Planting in Troston


The parish council in Troston want to transform their new open playing field in to lush green community area. Firstly, here will be trees to act as a windbreaks along with fruit trees to start a community orchard.

Tree Planting in Kettleburgh

The Orchard | Kettleburgh

In Kettleburgh we’ve restored an old orchard that lines a public footpath, adding 30 trees to the current selection. When the fruit is ready to harvest, people are encouraged to take some!

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Tree Planting in Stutton


With support from the parish council and Stutton Hall we planted a 200 metre hedgerow alongside a beautiful footpath that leads down to the water! The hedgerow is going to be a diverse mixture of native hedge trees that allow the local wildlife to continue to thrive in the area.

Flower Meadow in Great Glemham

Flower Meadow | Great Glemham

We’re transforming the bulk of West Peace field, an old agricultural field, into a large wild flower meadow. This will be an area for reconnecting with nature, growing small batches of food and learning.

Tree Planting at Ivy Grange Farm

Ivy Grange Farm

Ivy Grange Farm is a low impact, sustainable site where the emphasis is on ‘treading softly’. At the end of this season they’ll be waving a fond farewell to the yurts and we’re helping them transform the site into a wild orchard that blossoms all year. Our goal is to create a lasting habitat for animals & birds, with fruit & berries from different trees staggered through the year.

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Tree Planting in Hundon


A new community orchard, wildflower meadow and nature education area is being planted in-between Hundon’s beautiful allotments. We have contributed a selection of trees including orchard trees as well as hedging.

Tree Planting in Kettleburgh

The Village Green | Kettleburgh

A section of this well looked after playing field is going to be re-wilded with a variety of trees. The Village Green Committee want this space to be a shaded picnic area for families to gather when they’re not using the football goals or enjoying the pond.

Tree Planting in Great Livermere

Great Livermere

This small, but mighty ancient oak woodland, kept healthy, by the local residents, lost 2 huge oaks in recent storms. We are replacing these oaks to help the forest continue to thrive.