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Tree Planting Projects in Suffolk

Currently, we are only working on tree planting projects in Suffolk. We have a strict policy on which projects we will and will not assist with.

We look for projects that create lasting, positive change, big or small and benefit the public and community. When we first decided we wanted to have a positive impact on our planet; the team had grand ideas like ‘Save the Amazon Rainforest!’. However, we soon realised that this wasn’t practical or logistically possible and as a result we agreed to start at home, in Suffolk. So far, we have 29 tree planting projects and we’ve planted over 6,000 trees in places, such as, Leavenheath in the South of Suffolk to further North in Westhall.

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Tree Planting Project in Sweffling, Suffolk - Image 1

Our Tree Planting Projects

We’re passionate about our environment and eager to make positive change. That’s why we work exclusively in Suffolk so that our team can get on site as much as possible.

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Tree Planting Projects we Support

Although we’re always keen to get on site and help plant ourselves, we understand that not every project requires it. We want to promote as much positive change as possible which is why we support numerous projects.

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Tree Planting with Ringshall Primary School

Tree Planting with Schools

We’re eager to educate and participate in carbon reduction and that’s why we think it’s important to work with local schools. Tree planting with schools benefits both the environment and the students. Creating green spaces will absorb Carbon Dioxide and give the students & teachers an area in which they can switch off and detox from day to day school life.

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