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Supported Projects

Welcome to our Supported Projects, these are sites which we are funding, but won't be helping to plant

Currently, we are working exclusively in Suffolk on projects which range from as big as a 2 hectare plot to as small as planting 3 trees. We have a strict policy on which projects we will and will not assist with. We look for projects that are in creating lasting, positive change, big or small and will benefit the public and community.

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Tree Warden Network

We are excited to announce that we are going to be working with the Suffolk Tree Warden Network to provide biodegradable matting for over 9000 of the trees they are delivering across Suffolk this year. The trees are being provided by the Woodland Trust or are grown by the Tree Wardens themselves. In previous years plastic based mats or sometimes pesticide sprays have been used around the base of new trees. This year we are working together to try and eliminate plastic in the environment as much as possible. We are providing 9200 mats and a whopping 46000 bamboo pegs to tree planters across the county.


Learn about the great work the Suffolk Tree Wardens are doing
Burgh 2

Burgh | Burgh House Farm

In Burgh, Bill is turning his property into an eco-friendly zone. In addition to a project with the Woodland Trust we are adding 200 trees to the site. What was once a large agricultural field is now being filled with wildlife corridors, natural springs and saplings. This property is really well looked after and we are fortunate to be involved in such a project. These trees are going in the ground in January and we can’t wait to see them flourish.

SIcon Foundation Supported Project - Combs Oak Tree

Combs | Oaks Meadow

In Combs there is a very strong community group that are dedicated to creating Oaks Meadow. We are pleased to be contributing to the Oaks Meadow project by providing trees for their orchard. As their plans become more detailed we are keen to supply what they need during the 21/22 planting season. The aim of this site is for the local community to have a place to grow, maintain and care for not only the trees, but also the villagers themselves. Other similar projects around the country have shown how spaces like this bring people together and forge a community spirit. We look forward to seeing this in action in Combs.


Leavenheath | Leaven Hall

In Leavenheath we are planting at Leaven Hall. Fields that were once used for horses are now going to be re-instated as woodland. This is as part of an ongoing project to create a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life and instead have an opportunity to spend some time out in nature. With bee hives and wild flowers in the future for this site soon it will be a perfect getaway. We hope our 200 trees being planted this season will help.

Halesworth 5


Halesworth has a bold ambition to make their town green. Work is underway to fulfil this promise and we are happy to get involved. After public consultation on several small green areas within the town, local people have had their voices heard and chosen which types of trees and flowers they would like to see in their green spaces. We will be providing the trees to be planted by residents throughout the town.

SHORT - Hintlesham Community Woodland

Hintlesham Community Woodland

We are contributing to the work done by volunteers at the Hintlesham Community Woodland. Each weekend throughout the winter trees get planted here to create a beautiful wooded area. Our trees will help to reduce noise pollution and create a peaceful spot within the woods to enjoy. We will be providing a mixture of native trees such as hawthorn, blackthorn, cherry, crab apple, hazel, oak, birch and alder.