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Welcome to our Projects, these are sites which when restrictions ease our team will be helping to plant

We currently work exclusively in Suffolk and have multiple projects on the go with the vast majority focused on tree planting. They range from plots as big as 2 hectares to as small as only 3 trees being planted.  We do not have a strict policy on which projects we will and will not assist with. We look for projects that are creating lasting, positive change, big or small.

Sweffling | Yew Tree Farm

Sweffling | Yew Tree Farm

At Yew Tree Farm we are revitalising a 1 hectare plot where we are replanting an old Poplar plantation that was felled. Chris and Monica who own the land are keen to create a natural woodland area alongside the banks of the River Alde. The new wood will be visible from the Bruisyard Village Hall so that local residents can see the process evolve over the years. We have planted almost 400 trees on site and this is the blueprint of how our projects will be run in the future. Thanks to Chris and Monica’s kindness and understanding they have let us find our feet with them on this project.

Learn how we transformed Yew Tree Farm
Kettleburgh Orchard

Kettleburgh | The Village Green

We have two projects running simultaneously in Kettleburgh. Firstly we will be planting on the Village Green; this is a very well looked after area in the centre of the village, it has play equipment, football goals and even a pond area. With the vision of the village green committee, one area is now going to be planted with trees. The end goal is to have a shaded picnic area for children to play and families to gather in the sunshine. Patience is a virtue with tree planting, but we hope to see this vision realised in 10 years or so. We will planting around 50 trees in the next couple of months once the lockdown is over.

SIcon Foundation Supported Project - Great Glemham

Great Glemham

Here an old agricultural field is being transformed. What once was a heavily ploughed and cropped field is now being restored back to nature. The field will be used for reconnecting with nature, growing small batches of food and learning. We are going to help this process along the way, initially by contributing to the boundary. Starting to make this field, West Peace, thrive.

SIcon Foundation Supported Project - Westhall

Westhall | Ivy Grange Farm

Ivy Grange Farm is a low impact, sustainable site where the emphasis is on ‘treading softly’. At the end of this season they’ll be waving a fond farewell to the yurts and we’re helping them transform the site into a wild orchard that blossoms almost all year round to create a lasting habitat for animals and birds, there will be fruit, berries etc from different trees staggered through the year.

Learn more about Ivy Grange Farm's plans for the future


Westhall has the luxury of lots of open space for its residents we are going to help add in trees to the public space to create a more sustainable cycle there. We will also use some unused allotment space to create an orchard area. We hope that this will be used by the community for many years to come.

Great Livermere

Great Livermere

In Great Livermere there is a small but mighty ancient oak woodland. The residents work hard to keep them healthy however 2 huge oaks fell down in recent storms. In the autumn we are going to go and replace both of these trees with young oak trees adding them to the cycle of the woodland.



After a recent housing development was built Troston has had a new playing field constructed. Now begins the task of transforming this wide open space into a useable community area. We are going to put in a number of trees to act as a windbreaker followed by some fruit trees to start a community orchard. There is also the possibility of creating a wild flower meadow area as well sometime in the future.



Bucklesham has a large, open playing field which is very popular with members of the community. As it is so open, the wind whips through making it very breezy indeed. We are going to work with the parish council and local people to install a winding woodland pathway which makes its way around the outskirts of the space. This will mean the area can be more sheltered as well as creating a beautiful route to stroll along once the trees are fully grown.

Great Barton v2

Great Barton Primary School

At the start of next year we are going to be planting our first ‘micro forest’ at Great Barton Primary School. We will use the Miyawaki method to create a densely packed, fast growing forest that once grown becomes a very efficient carbon sink. We will be planting enough for every pupil in the school to have a go at planting a tree, almost 200 in total. This will help to support the environmentally friendly ethos that is already a big part of life at Great Barton Primary.

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In Stutton we are going to be planting 200 metres of hedgerow. With support from the parish council and Stutton Hall we are going to be planting alongside a beautiful footpath that leads down to the water. The hedgerow is going to be a diverse mixture of native hedge trees that allow the local wildlife to continue to thrive in the area. We will be planting across two days this winter with volunteers from the village joining us to get the job done.

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Bruisyard Village Green

While we were in Sweffling planting at Yew Tree Farm we hopped over to the other side of the river and put in 14 trees on the Village Hall grounds. We chose a mixture of Silver Birch and Cherry trees amongst others to create a beautiful view with splashes of colour to those using the hall.

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Hundon is lucky to have a large allotment field in the middle of the village. While a significant amount of this space is taken up with beautifully cared for allotments, some open areas remain. In these spaces a community orchard, wildflower meadow and nature education area are being created. There is a wonderful focus on natural habitats and development. We will be contributing a selection of trees including orchard trees as well as hedging in some areas. We look forward to working together with the team in Hundon through a phased approach for the space to safeguard it for many generations to come.