Litter Picking in Suffolk

Litter is a growing problem throughout our towns and countryside. Over 2 million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK each day. We at the Sicon Foundation are going to do our part to help with this problem.

We run litter picking sessions across Suffolk and encourage as many people as possible to do the same. Due to the growing litter issue we have invested in a large amount of litter picking equipment and if you would like to borrow some then get in touch! Let’s work together to make Suffolk litter free!

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Felixstowe BC 02.07.22.MP

Felixstowe Beach Clean | July 2022

In July we had our first beach clean of 2022! We were in Felixstowe to aid the Clean Beaches Project, which runs from July 1st to July 7th. The team put in an amazing effort collecting lots of litter and definitely earned their fish & chips!

RY Selfie with team - 800 x 500

Bury St Edmunds | May 2022

The team were out litter picking once again; this time they collected over 20 large bags in the weekend sunshine!

BSE Litter Picking 09.04.22 - 800 x 500

Bury St Edmunds | April 2022

Despite the end of the planting season the team have been eager to stay active. That’s why we have been out litter picking in Bury St Edmunds! Litter picking is always an eye opening, but satisfying experience. In just a few hours we filled over 20 large bags!

Group of people in hi vis vests walking on beach

Felixstowe Beach Clean | September 2021

On Saturday 25th September the team were out celebrating the Great British Beach Clean at Felixstowe for a day of litter picking. The team put in an amazing effort collecting over 10kgs worth of litter and definitely earned their fish & chips!

Group of Children in hi vis jackets in field

Red Lodge Beavers

On Monday 6th September we joined the Cub Scouts in Red Lodge to chat about the impact litter can have & why it is so important we dispose of rubbish properly. After an hour we’d filled 5 large black bags! 

Group of children in hi vis vests in park

Red Lodge Beavers

On Monday 19th July we spent another evening with the Red Lodge Beavers, working hard collecting litter on the Pavilion field. It was one of the hottest evening of the year and the kids put in a brilliant effort; collecting 2 big bags of rubbish. We can’t wait to work with more young people in Red Lodge when term starts again in September!

Group of children in hi vis vest walking through forest

Red Lodge Beavers

We joined the Red Lodge Beavers to educate and encourage the group about why collecting litter is so important. After our talk we headed out onto the Red Lodge Heath to see what we could find and the 7 beavers did a brilliant job collecting a huge black bag full of rubbish throughout the evening.

Group of people in hi vis vests on grass

Bury St Edmunds | June 2021

To celebrate World Environment Day the team were out litter picking again in Bury St. Edmunds! The team filled 10 large bags and found a traffic cone, shopping and a hubcap in just a couple of hours.

Group of people in hi vis vests near cathedral

Bury St Edmunds | May 2021

On Saturday 1st May 2021 we were out litter picking in Suffolk, specifically our hometown of Bury St. Edmunds.This was a truly eye opening experience, but hugely satisfying. The team filled 20 large bags filled in a couple of hours, but unfortunately there is still lots more to go.